JUST IN: Obama Could Be First President Ever To Be INDICTED

The mainstream media spent much of the past year ridiculing President Donald Trump for claiming that Barack Obama spied on him during the election last year. Trump, however, was finally vindicated when it was revealed that Obama did in fact unconstitutionally spy on Trump throughout the presidential election, completely exposing the former president.

Now, former intelligence officer Lt. Col Tony Shaffer has spoken out to say that Obama’s wiretapping was not only a federal crime, but also that the results of this investigation will likely end with Obama being brought up on FELONY CHARGES.

Freedom Daily reported that in a recent interview, Shaffer “Obamagate” an “order of magnitude” even bigger than the Watergate scandal because the incident included “using nation-state resources for purposes of political gain.”

When asked if Obama could be arrested for this, he replied that it would be the “first time a former president could be indicted for a felony.”

“…I think it is very possible that he acted outside of the scope of his duties, responsibilities and authorities to turn the resources of a nation-state on a candidate. This is, as I’ve said before, soviet-dictator level wrongdoing,” he added.

Shaffer also said that Obama could be using government resources to spy on Trump was for the sole purpose of getting Hillary into office, as Obama hoped the wiretapping would produce enough “dirt” on Trump to sabotage his presidential run.

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Source : http://activepolitical.com